Online streaming service: Crackle



Crackle (formerly known as Grouper) is one of the ads-funded online movie streaming websites. It is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Although it is free to watch movies on Crackle, all streaming videos are interrupted with commercial advertisements, similar to watching a film on broadcast television.


  • # of free movies: around 200
    200 is small compared to other websites. However, as you can see later, those movies are relatively newer and more popular.
  • Uniqueness: 60%
    We define it as the percentage of movies not available as free on other sites. Because Crackle provides its content through a web syndication network, you can also find some of the movies on Crackle’s Youtube channel, etc. We still treat those movies as unique.
  • Vintage and quality distribution: see charts below
    We use the rating on IMDb as a measure of quality, and the votes on IMDb as a measure of popularity. The result will differ from data on other sites like RottenTomatoes, but it still provides good evaluation of the whole collection.

Year distribution (before 2000):
Year distribution (after 2000):
Votes distribution:
Rating distribution (with votes > 50):


Crackle only provides a small number of movies. However, it has higher ratio of new and popular titles compared with other sites.

For example, there are 5 movies on Crackles each of which has more than 100,000 votes on IMDb while there are only 4 such free movies on Hulu (Note that Hulu has 2000 free movies in total). Also, most of the movies on Crackle are released after 1970 (> 98%).

Many of the popular movies on Crackle are only available in a short period of time (several popular movies will expire on 1/1/2013). Don’t forget to check its website regularly, so that you won’t miss any good movies.

Here is a list of some popular movies on Crackle:

Title Year IMDb Rating IMDb Votes Expire Dates
The Fifth Element 1997 7.6 205746 1/1/2013
21 2008 6.7 113482 1/1/2013
Step Brothers 2008 6.7 113319 1/1/2013
Identity 2003 7.3 103918
Layer Cake 2005 7.4 78720
Legends of the Fall 1994 7.3 65827 1/1/2013
Kung Fu Hustle 2005 7.7 63603
Unthinkable 2010 7.1 45055
Harry Brown 2010 7.3 44395
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story 2007 6.7 40095 3/1/2013

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